Monthly Archive:: September 2015

Artist Profile: The Revolution that is Rival Revolution

Jack Kempton is a musician from the town of Colchester (UK), England, and is

Artist Profile: Courtney Blackwell – A Solid Musical Foundation

Sometimes it takes more than just talent to sustain a romantic relationship that is

Blog: ALBUM REVIEW – Edward David Anderson – Lower Alabama – The Loxley Sessions

  Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions is the new nine track release by Edward

Artist Profile: Alyse Black – Music, Love and Family

Do you think you could handle a buzzing singing career, two lively children that

How Stage Fright Works – Art Markman, PhD

  The first time you ever got in front of a group may have

Artist Profile: David Zollo and The Body Electric – For Hire

It’s been a long wait, but David Zollo has finally released an album of

Blog CD Review; “It’s A Doo Da Day”, Wendy & DB’s Upbeat Childrens Record

Wendy & DB’s kids record “It’s a Doo Da Day” is smartly written without

Blog cd review; Peter Kater’s new release” Etheria” Aims For, Hits The Heavens

New age artist Peter Kater’s newest release,”Etheria”, continues his excellent work as a maker

Luthier Profile: Lauren Ellis – Patron Saint Luthier Of Strings and Dreams

I walked into Strait Music in South Austin to catch a few minutes with

Blog: Sloom’s Memorable “Honey” Video Rocks.

This video is up for a few Austin Video Awards. Great work , Lauren