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CD Review: Flautist Gareth’s “Sky Before A Storm” Is A Quality Work Of Art

There’s something solemn and profound about this entire record. It’s the creative brilliance of

Artist Profile: Guitar Mentor Matt Smith Hangs His Hat At The New Six String Ranch

You won’t see any signs outside declaring you are at the hallowed new grounds

Photographer Profile: Stan Martin Has That Eye

Stan Martin is a familiar face around town. I’ve been aware of his abilities

Blog: Songwriter Laura Otero’s ‘From Noche To Night’ Serenades

You’re walking in the hot sun looking to cool off and you spot a

How To Overcome Writer’s Block – Art Markman PhD

  If you’re a songwriter (or a writer of any kind), then chances are

Sorne – A Guide To New Lands Within Yourself

In a restless world, we all need more peace. We need to escape from

Dave Gross – Making New Strides In Acoustic Songwriting

Sometimes we develop preconceived notions about particular styles of music. As thinking humans, we

The Lettermen Wow Audiences with Superior Vocal Harmonies and Charisma

I walk into a bustling Radisson Hotel on a rainy day in Branson, Mo.

Violinist Shoji Tabuchi and Daughter Christina Set High Standards for Performance and Entertainment

I walk into a theatre that appears smaller on the outside, to find a