Volume 1 – Issue 10 Archive

Artist Profile: Rye Brothers Bring Edge County Music

Country music has taken an edgy turn over the past decade. And how better

Artist Profile: Blind Lemon Blues All-Stars Make New and Exciting Musical Strides

Wouldn’t you like to know what makes a large group of musicians a great

Artist Profile: Dirty Deuce Band Dominate Creative Collaboration

Let’s dig into the creative collaboration of the Dirty Deuce band and how they

Artist Profile: The Massive Power of Bluespower Band

Do you like driving and rocking blues? Well you’ve come to the right spot.

Artist Profile: Dr. Izzy Band Blends Personal Influences To Create A Uniquely Amazing Sound

We all have musical influences that are perfect for the different life experiences we

Artist Profile: ACIDIC Rocks The Next Generation of Youth Intensity

If you had any questions about whether or not the youth of America are

Artist Profile: Soul Track Mind Reveals Exclusive Details Of New Recording

  When you come across a group as promising as Soul Track Mind, you

Artist Profile: Ulrich Ellison And Tribe Celebrate New CD “Rise From The Ashes” with Huge Tour

I’ve been aware that Ulrich Ellison is one of the hardest working guys in

Artist Profile: Glenn Rexach Trio Has A New Record Out And It’s Redhot Jazz!

SPM;  Tell me about your band. I saw you guys play Wobeon Fest and