Volume 1 – Issue 6 Archive

Live Review: Chris Cornell at ACL Live – Music That Moves You to Tears

When I was asked to review the Chris Cornell concert at the ACL Moody

Artist Profile: Follow the Sea – Sound Vibrational Experimentation

The Swedes Erik Seefeldt and Magnus Lundgren, make up Follow the Sea, a band

Artist Profile: Edward David Anderson – A Musical Powerhouse

Edward David Anderson is probably best known as the lead singer and guitarist from

How Sleep Can Make You A Better Musician

The last step in good practice is good sleep. Chances are, you know the

Artist Profile: Seetha Shivaswamy – Devotion To Musical Expansion

There comes a time in life were we want to make a positive impact

Artist Profile: Billy Cobham – The Life and Legend

Sound Profile Magazine is honored to have had a unique opportunity to sit with

Artist Profile: Ricardo Acevedo – Challenge-Driven Artist Pushes Music To The Edge of Your Mind

Music is an interesting animal. Taking all shapes and sizes, based on the intention

Kevin Lucas Reinvents The Marimba As A Showpiece Instrument

Ahhh, the marimba. Kevin Lucas is one of those guys you see play once,

Jazz Master/Trumpet King Jeff Lofton Gives An Engaging Interview On Music And Racism In America

Jeff Lofton steps in the room and he looks like a reggae artist or

Black Red Black’s Red Young; Austin’s B-3 Master Looks At the Past And Future.

If you have ever spent time in Austin mingling with wags, musicians, and artists