Sound Profile Magazine is made up of a group of music-minded individuals with a common goal:

To provide in depth interviews with musicians and artists


header-1This magazine was put together by a core of people who either write music or deeply appreciate the finer aspects of it. More than a few times I have heard fellow artists and peers complain long and hard about the small  media coverage available in the city that makes its living off musicians. For every publication of note there are thousands of artists who wish they were on the cover of those magazines, or at least wish their work was being noticed.  A regular coterie of top-notch, popular talent gets the mother lode of coverage in Our Fine City, many deservedly so. But…

But what about the other 98% of artists in this area? They are the ones who grease the wheels of the music industry that makes a living off the backs and sweat of musicians. They are the fuel for the machine and without the pursuit of those dreams and hopes the machine ceases to run. Without these people there is no “Austin music”.  Those dreams help to pay an engineer’s house payment, keep someone else’s dream of operating a recording studio alive, help put food on the tables of the many musicians and backing vocalists who do session work, help the economic status of graphic artists, mastering techs, producers, PR firms, pressing plants, and so forth. Why do these people routinely get ignored? They are the life blood of this very thing we call “Austin Music”.  Maybe we can help shine some light on these people as they release and share their musical  hopes and dreams with us, we Austinites, who bothered to stop and take notice and give appreciation.

These artists are to whom this magazine is dedicated.

That said, we have few rules and regulations

– There are no “drive-by” record reviews. You know the type; A single, scrawny paragraph is given to explain an entire CD. The adjectives sound as if they came out of Car and Driver Magazine, then they have the gall to rate it with a star system, which is subjective prejudice at best.  There will be none of that gibberish here. That’s not “covering Austin music”, that’s insulting it.

– We sell ad space, you bet, but there is no connection to selling ad space and the articles that we write. We are taint-free on the payola thing. Our ads are savvy, hip, cool, and way affordable. We also have special artist rates to best help the musician.

– It is beneath our dignity to ever be involved in anything approaching “pay-for-play”. We are all about getting inside the heads and hearts of our  subjects and bringing it in a coherent form to the consumer through print and video.

– We do not talk about politics. This is an A-Political site, a place where you hopefully can escape  from the mundane political rantings of our day and age. We talk music here. We talk art here. That said, if something cataclysmic happens to musicians due to political malfeasance, we won’t shirk from jumping into the fray. We are all about musicians.

– We, too, have a stake in this. We are NARAS members and Union members who are actively writing and creating music and we also take part in the nominating and voting processes of both.

Do you want to know how various artists compose music and from what deep well of life’s experience it came? What makes a man or woman in these arts tick? How do bands stick it out, how do artists promote their work, in what family setting did they grow up, what inspired them to initially pick up an instrument, sing that first song, or write that first lyric or hook? What gear do they use? What brought them to the center of Our Universe, Austin,Texas? What do they love about our city? I love human interest stories and the arts in Austin are where I love finding them.

Ein Prosit,

Timothy Abbott
Content Director



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Kathleen Leach – Copy Editor